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Title: TORRO
Post by: Budgie on August 19, 2008, 10:11:45 AM
The Tornado & Storm Research Organisation (TORRO) ( is looking for members in Scotland.
Richard Muirhead has been on a recruitment drive this year and I understand that some of you may have heard from him already.

There is an annual membership fee and for this you get:
  • Membership booklet giving contact details and interests of fellow members.
  • Unique personal TORRO ID membership card.
  • Inclusive subscription to 'The International Journal of Meteorology' TORRO's own high quality monthly publication (airmailed to overseas members)
  • 'Convection' a more informal bi-annual publication produced by members for members.
  • Occasional informal storm chasing and spotting outings in the UK.
  • Twice yearly conferences- usually held at the Oxford Brookes University
  • Access to our friendly online forum for up to date information on current weather events and to discuss severe weather related topics
  • Discussion threads and advanced discussion of the TORRO severe weather forecast.
  • Opportunity to purchase TORRO branded merchandise at reduced rates.

If anyone is interested in joining TORRO and assisting with their research into tornados, waterspouts or other extreme weather event, maybe even becoming a site investigator, then please contact TORRO ( for further information.