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: Weather Station equipment
: kojack May 16, 2008, 10:05:37 AM
As the network grows, it would be interesting to know what make and model of ws is being used by the members.

I use a Davis VP2pro with Fars plus two temperature sensors for soil temp gradient.
This is published on my website.
I am also still evaluating a WMR200A which is not on the website.


: Re: Weather Station equipment
: munrobaggins May 16, 2008, 11:04:40 AM
Well....after much soul searching and many forum questions on UKWW I came to the conclusion that most (if not all) aspired to getting a Davis VP2 it was to be my first wx stn (and didn't want to supposedly waste money)...I bought a Wireless VP2 plus(ie inc solar and UV sensors) plus extra wireless repeater for the anemometer and a separate Envoy to connect to the PC....Aggghhh everything I had dreamt about turned out to be a disaster initially...Talk about disappointment...what a phaff, what with poor design/manufacture etc...yikes what an eye opener!!  Anyway, knowing absolutely nothing about website building it became my introduction to Weatherlink, Vitual Weather Station(VWS) and finally the King of them all WeatherDisplay and their fantastic forum.

'Cos of the Davis Phaff and not wishing to do the "all eggs in one basket" again...I decided to have a go with the opposite end of the cost spectrum/outlay and bought a WS23** as a backup wx data source....So far it has performed impeccably (17months)...and once that was joined by an Inspeed Vortex anemometer, the combination has become even about 1/8 the price I can't grumble...OK I have done some mods to it (Breitling Stevenson Screen ...ala plant pot bowls...mine are upturned woolies microwave dishes) and a skirt/bearing mod on the vortex, but all at little cost and with lots of enjoyment.

Yes, I did to buy a Boltek device (the LD250 as I wanted additional flexibilty) and as admitted previously, this runs 24/7 with NextStorm, but as yet I don't publish or link to the web with it...'spose I aught really as it would enhance the triangulation possibilities.

My knowledge on the HTML front is just about zero and I rely on FrontPage/Expression Web to provide the WYSIWYG functionality to provide my websites, albeit that I have now done a PHP template website setup (and even got it working).

: Re: Weather Station equipment
: skyewright May 16, 2008, 06:46:06 PM
I'd fancied a Wx for a while. I could see that Davis was top of the range, but I could not justify the cost.

In December when looking for something else I noticed the OS WMR100 and was interested. I then noticed the WMR200 and decided that it looked like a good compromise. It was only when I started using it that I discovered just how "fresh out out of the box" it was...

Now around 6 months later I have Weather Display (of course), the WMR200, a WMR928 with the three basic extra sensors and (just added) two THC238 'temp probe on a lead' sensors, plus a copy of Meteohub (software), an NSLU2 (the Linux based device that Meteohub runs on) and an RFXCOM receiver.  :o

The RFXCOM captures the data direct from the OS sensors (which is how I manage to have 5 WMR928 extra sensors), feeds it to Meteohub, which then feeds it to WD. WD is only seeing data from one of the rain gauges, of course, but for wind I'm using a proxy cgi that I wrote myself to merge data from both anemometers as it passes between Meteohub and WD!

Even with all the improvements that have been made to WMR200 => WD communication over the last few months, I'm much happier with the reliability of this "round the houses" approach than with direct WMR200 => WD communications - and as bonuses I can use more sensors, no longer need to have the consoles connected to the PC, and can publish at least some data 24/7 without having the PC on full time. The WMR200 logging capacity remains available as a backup facility.

My current kit probably adds up to nearly the price of a Davis (but I'd also need the data logger, and it would certainly cost more to have the number of sensors that I have)!

Horses for courses. For the moment I'm happy with my collection of devices.   ;D

: Re: Weather Station equipment
: scanman May 23, 2008, 11:08:43 PM
I originally had a Lacrosse WS3600, but found the rain gauge failed early and the anenometer was greatly under-reading. After a cash windfall, I upgraded to the Davis VP-pro2, which has been superb (touch wood). Getting older, more cynical and, perhaps a wee bit wiser, I do wonder whther many glitches/dis-satisfaction with different manufacturers are due to early component failures rather than genuine design flaws? Just a thought.......   :-\

: Re: Weather Station equipment
: Tugmistress May 24, 2008, 05:17:26 PM
I just use the box standard Lacrosse WS2350 now, started with the 2300 but the windy thing (can't spell or pronounce anememememeter) kept giving up the ghost on me and i like this cup design better, i don't get so much sheeps wool and long grass blowing into it and jamming it.... and yes it's mounted up a lamp post with a boats mast that i have 'acquired' from the harbour ;) think it was measured at something like 25ft in the air.

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