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: WS 2350 Arrived today
: masseyjim October 27, 2008, 05:58:35 PM
Hi every one, I persuaded my employers to invest in a WS 2350 and it has arrived today. So i guess the questions from me will step up a gear now lol . I still intend to have my own station  as i dont think i will be able to put this one online . 1  So my first question is can i extend the cable run from Annenometer to wireless temp humidity sensor ?2 Can I also extend the cable to the rain gauge ? 3 And finally is it best to connect the base station to the temp humidity sensor by wire or go wireless ? As to position the 3 sensors in the best location would mean a bit more then 10 M apart .  :-[

: Re: WS 2350 Arrived today
: Budgie October 27, 2008, 07:15:37 PM
Good stuff.
In answer to the questions:
1: Yes - If you're handy with wiring RJ11 connectors then you would be better to use CAT5 cable for the extentions. When you get your own one, assuming it'll be another WS2350, then it's recommended that you replace the original cables with CAT5 to the anemometer as it stops the occasional 99 knots reading.  ;)
2: Yes - see above.
3: Wired is best as it updates the wind data every 8 seconds, in wireless this is something like 32 seconds over a set wind speed and even longer in low wind conditions.

For placement of the sensor, have a read through this:

Have fun with the setup and let us know how you get on.  ;D

: Re: WS 2350 Arrived today
: Tugmistress October 28, 2008, 08:02:41 PM
you beat me to it budgie! that's the same set up i have, but i've not replaced the supplied cables with cat 5 ones on this station as had no blips so far and it's been running since early this year i think lol or late last year.
definately wired! every time!

: Re: WS 2350 Arrived today
: masseyjim October 29, 2008, 08:58:31 AM
Hi every one and thanks Budgie and Tugmistress for the helpfull advice , I have now got the hardware mounted and getting readings back to the base station in my office . I suppose the next step is to plug into the putter and get basic records recorded ? Is this step quite simple for a simple gardener ? and does it automatically sort out where its stored  ? I did install the disc that came with it last night and after looking at Tugmistress site i have graphs similar to those . I dont think i can upload ? ( is that what it called ) from my work pc due to work rules etc . but i want to be able to print of weekely the weather records for our area . We as a department used to get records from the College run Met station but changes in staff have not had any printed for years . The records I think still go to the Met service but am not to sure, that side of things was always a guarded secret lol . Enuff of my rantings i must get going this morning Oh a final question to Tugmistress did you have to buy any more items from what i will have to run your site ?

: Re: WS 2350 Arrived today
: Budgie October 29, 2008, 11:13:57 AM
Hi Jim,

Which software did you load onto the PC, Heavy Weather or Weather Display?
Neither will allow you to upload at this stage, Heavy Weather can't and Weather Display will required the full program - you'll only have the free "lite" version at the moment.  ;)
Either one of these will be quite easy to connect to the WS2350. Heavy Weather should detect the station automaticly (I think, it's been a while) and Weather Display may require a little setting up, but we can talk you through it if necessary.
You can build a website with the equipment you have, that's all I started with, and when it comes to that side of it then there is a nice template that is easy to setup and looks professional. The template is designed to work with Weather Display program, but you'll need to pay for the full version. The Scottish Weather Network website is based on this template.  ;D


: Re: WS 2350 Arrived today
: masseyjim October 29, 2008, 11:55:48 AM
Many thanks Martin .
I think it will be a wee while before I will be live on line so to speak but its as well to  have something to aim for . I am not sure of Forum protocol do members refer to others by name or username ? i dont like to be to presumptious or forward. I belong to one other forum about tractors and tho its closed except to members of a club we always use usernames .  This i feel is a bit to unfriendly after you have been exchanging with others for years  however thats the way of it . I have been off work this morning having a wee mole removed from my scalp so cant wait to get down at 1 pm to check out the station . We had very strange weather conditions here during the night frost at bed time and rain at 5 30 this morning when i run the good lady to the train , and about a mile down the road no rain at all . It has since rained while i was at the clinic .

: Re: WS 2350 Arrived today
: Budgie October 29, 2008, 12:04:30 PM
There's no protocol like that on here Jim, nick' or normal names are fine.  ;)

: Re: WS 2350 Arrived today
: Tugmistress November 13, 2008, 01:39:22 PM
sorry for the late reply, just back from holiday in shetland :D

Call me anything you like, i don't mind i'll even answer to 'fred' hahaha

OK the software that uploads for me is weather display, if you bought this with the weather station then as martin says you'll need to 'buy' the full version and unlock it by registering, it's dead easy to do :)

i prefer weather display to heavy weather and before you try you can't run the two together, but heavy weather will take info from the base station if you briefly turn off weather display.
For setting up the weather display software to run with your station, when you first load it up and the screen appears in one of the drop down menu's at the top is a lovely little menu item called 'setup wizard' :) go for it, if i can get it going then you are more than capable :)

if you wanna chat online anytime about anything and you use msn messenger you can add me (

looking forward to reading about your quest to get up and running, i was very impatient, i got the station on a tuesday i think and had it up and running and uploading to the net by the saturday lol

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