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: A True ghost story from me.
: weathermaster January 11, 2009, 10:12:29 PM
This happend a few years ago but here it goes,

A few years ago when I was waiting to move into my new house that I'm in now I was in a old house built like 100 years old. We got this photo given to us of my great great uncle who died on a battle ship in the world war. So yeah for the first few days everything was normal the photo was in the dining room on a table. Then when I came home from school all we could smell was pipe smoke as if someone had been smoking. No one in my family smokes so we thought it was just a smell that got stuck to our clothes at school or something.

The smoke smell got really bad especially at evening time and at night. We checked areas where it might come from but didn't find anything. Then we scanned the photo into the computer we saw someone run past the window now who would run past a house at like 9pm in a field when its stormy and about 10 miles away from the next house? We looked outside and no one was there!

So we have this photo on our computer now and we made a little short film and this photo was in it and when the film was ready we played it on the computer and then as soon as it got to the photo it stuck and the music carried on playing now that isn't possible the music should stop to because I make films for weddings and for the school and I know the program really well and I have never seen anything like it, also when it was happening it felt like there was someone in the room standing behind me. Then when it got on a DVD it wouldn't play and so on but if you took the photo out of the film it would play and we gave the photo back to the person who gave it to us and we never smelled the smoke again. The DVD's that didn't work before worked when we gave the photo back.

I'm confused puzzled  ???

: Re: A True ghost story from me.
: munrobaggins January 15, 2009, 09:17:25 PM
Spooky.... :o :o

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