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: Budgie stars again..
: munrobaggins August 06, 2009, 08:57:16 AM
interesting....see here (

: Re: Budgie stars again..
: skyewright August 06, 2009, 10:02:48 AM
interesting....see here (
Which includes "...scrambled at about 1845 BST on Wednesday...conditions before the incident...moderate and not severe by any means...sudden squall. "

I think we may have seen that (or similar) pass through here around 1815 BST, accompanied by a good dollop of rain (8mm overall, peaking at just over 300 mm/hr).

It was noticed by all 3 anemometers, but especially so by the new Inspeed Vortex on its 10m mast. I'm still experimenting with the Vortex and am currently measuring gusts at 14 second (i.e. same as OS sensors), 3 second fixed window, 3 second rolling window, and 1 second intervals.

The '3 second rolling window' (i.e. each second, the gust in the previous 3 seconds is assessed) is the one I'll probably adopt as standard eventually. The 14 second is for comparison to OS sensor data. The 1 second is being recorded to help assess the validity of the other data (i.e. to help spot electrical spikes - a problem that seems now to have been solved) and because it is possible!

A (rather crowded) graph showing 5 minute max gust and average wind speed for all the anemometers around the time of the squall is attached below.

The fact that on this occasion the 3 second max gust is right up close to the 1 second max probably helps emphasise what a strong squall this was.

: Re: Budgie stars again..
: Budgie August 06, 2009, 09:13:41 PM
That was not the expected return to work after two weeks off!!
We had three other jobs yesterday plus a long range medical evacuation and THIS ( today.
Still, I was on the lunchtime STV (North) News today for the Plockton incident.  ;)

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