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Title: Forum Upgrade
Post by: Budgie on November 05, 2009, 12:24:51 PM
I've upgraded the forum for SMF v1.1.7 to v1.1.10 this morning so we are now running the most up to date forum version.
Although the upgrades seems to have gone well, please let me know if you find anything missing or not working.
You can either post in here or, if the worst has happened, email me or use the contact form on the website.

There are no major changes in this upgrade, it's more to do with the background functions and security, so may not notice anything different.  ;)

I've been putting off the upgrade for some time now, as it's all been working so I figured "why fix what ain't broken", but we have been getting a lot of spammers trying to get into the forum in the last week or so and I though it was about time I took the plunge.

I hope you find that all is well.