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Title: How was it for you?
Post by: skyewright on December 09, 2011, 03:12:48 PM
Gosh that was an bit interesting/scary/exciting (delete as applicable)...

Peak gust 82mph. Peak 10 minute average 66mph.

Eventually water got into the VP2 ISS and caused the windspeed to report as 0 (but direction was okay) and the rain to (again) notch up 100's of mm. However fortunately that rubbish data didn't start till the wind had started to diminish (last decent reading was 57mph).

Power off for over 20 hours.

No significant damage on our house, but some of the neighbours didn't escape so lightly.

This morning some WD40 fixed the VP2 ISS (and I'm trying to think of ways of putting the whole ISS, aside from the solar panel, inside a decent IP66 enclosure), but sadly the same can't be said for the 2 OS "temp probe on a cable" sensors that were my night cloud detector and grass temp. The 'food container' that the Tx's were in was ripped off the post it was screwed to and the falling Tx units parted company with their cables - but once thy have dried out I have hopes that a bit of soldering might see them fit for service again.

Title: Re: How was it for you?
Post by: Budgie on December 09, 2011, 04:44:59 PM
Power was on & off from about 10am yesterday and finally went completely at about 4pm.
We got it back at 9am this morning, but only lasted 3 hours and pole caught fire so it went off again for another 3 hours. Back on now but I still have the genny ready to go as my poor UPS really needs a rest.

Top gust here was 70 knots, according to the VP2's display yesterday but the highest the data logger downloaded to WD was 66 knots.
No real damage here, an old rotten gate post in the croft snapped but that was expected. I did have to spend an hour or so, in the dark, securing the bottom of the garage door as the wind was threatening to rip it off the house, fortunately my efforts were successful.  ;D

I see Sean, down in Castle Bay is reporting a 95 mph gust for yesterday on his site and I know they had much worse than we did up here.
I was watching Steve's site up at Sandy last night (I was at work  ;) ) as I was speaking to Shetland Coastguard about the winds increasing up there when Steve was reporting 83mph and then the site went down. I assume power failure, much like the rest of us.

I think there was more "offline" on the SCWN map last night than there was data, but it's back to about normal now.  ;D

Title: Re: How was it for you?
Post by: weathermaster on December 10, 2011, 01:59:32 AM

Yeah I was pretty worried about this storm the GFS model was giving us an average wind speed of 72mph. The highest I've ever seen it go is only 60mph. Had a extremely heavy shower around 7.30am with thunder I noticed it on your lightning radar on hebwx. The wind was at its worst around 11.30am. I was concerned about my weather station its only on a wooden pole and thought it was going to break off and the sensor as well was shaking but the station is okay as I checked it over today. Power went off shortly after 11.30am and didn't come on to around 5pm which I consider good as I know people had no power for much longer. My backup battery only lasts for about 10 minutes on the weather station after that computer must go off but station can keep recording for about 30 minutes before it runs out but I have another station on battery anyway for back up.

For damage just one tile missing from my roof I think it was a loose one because I hear it rattle a lot when it gets windy. My neighbours old fence was blown about but I consider myself lucky as the other side of town had more damage to the roofs and a few windows smashed on the houses and cars mainly because objects were flying about. Later on today I was told the north side of the island have very bad damage and a house that's currently getting built has been flattened. Going to head up there tomorrow and try and gets pics.

I took a video of the winds yesterday will upload it soon.

Title: Re: How was it for you?
Post by: Tugmistress on December 19, 2011, 10:30:43 AM
top gust recorded here (not by me) that i know about was 87.5mph, i recorded 66mph before the main sensor got water ingress and made it all flat line but i brought it inside and confused the hell out of people when the outside temp was reading 19c lol i think the hills behind me and also the roof made the windy thing record low :(
we had about a dozen ridge tiles take a walk, about 15 normal tiles disappear and the caravan we use as a shed went a walk and is now in a thousand pieces lol. i was not happy at work the thursday tea time sailing when it all kicked off, we could not shut one door on the passenger walkway and were holding on for grim death going down the steps to the pier to let the ship go!
this is the first time in 8 years of being in this house i have had damage due to wind yet i have regularly recorded higher - i can only assume it was a directionality thing with the damage, oh and the goat house was flattened lol

Title: Re: How was it for you?
Post by: Tugmistress on December 19, 2011, 10:32:25 AM
a couple more pics of damage

Title: Re: How was it for you?
Post by: skyewright on December 19, 2011, 10:29:39 PM
we had about a dozen ridge tiles take a walk, about 15 normal tiles disappea
Sarking is a wonderful thing!
In the January 2005 storm we lost half the ridge and most of the top 2 rows of tiles below the lost ridge. Quite a few tiles on the back slope were cracked where the flying tiles from the front landed...
If it wasn't for the sarking the wind would have got into roofspace and I suspect that we'd have lost the lot!
That was before lined the loft space so it was all open space up there - that meant I could spread poly sheeting across under the worst area, raise up the edges and, hey presto, we had an indoor pond.  :)
Bailing out the 'pond' was a regular job till the roof got fixed properly, but that was a whole lot better than the alternatives. We only had one small drip through the ceiling, and that was stopped as soon as we'd managed to find and trap the leak that was causing it (one of those cracked tiles on the back slope).

This time round the 'excitement' was outside - guying a fence post that started to wobble, and later dealing with a stack of insulation round next door (the neighbour was away) after it lost it's tarp and the sheets started to come over the fence...