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Title: Newbie
Post by: murphyclan on January 05, 2012, 01:25:37 PM
Hi Ive just gotten a Oregon Scientific Wireless PRo Weather Station with USB upload Model WMR88/WMR88A for my christmas and hoping to upload to the scottish network, itll prob take me a while, but i am weather buff and looking forward to getting my site online with a web page. Can any of you tell me if Cumulus will work with this weather station and is the best softwareto use. Any help appreciated as just starting out. I live in Peterhead and as far as i can see the nearest station to me is Knaven. thanks hope to hear from any of you soon.

Title: Re: Newbie
Post by: Budgie on January 05, 2012, 04:25:00 PM
Welcome to the forum.
According to the Cumulus Wiki ( the WMR88 is supported and the network supports data from the realtime.txt file that Cumulus produces. So that side of it is all good.
For starting out and getting an easy website going then Cumulus is worth using as everything you need in included in the download and there's a good support forum.

As for website, try to stay way from the free web space offered by ISP's as this tends to be very restrictive when uploading the likes of weather data that needs frequent updates. There are plenty of hosts around that offer hosting from as little as $10 a year (it's a US company ;) ).
Some have the URL registered with on company and host with another, I keep it all with the same company as it just makes things easier for me.

If you want some pointers as to where to try then let us know and I'm sure you'll get some feedback from the members on here. 

Title: Re: Newbie
Post by: murphyclan on January 08, 2012, 02:29:26 PM
Thanks will bear all this in mind when I get it all set up and transmitting to the computer. will prob need help and advice on how to get it displayed on the scottish weather site. will keep in touch with you all and thanks again.   :) hopefully be soon just bought all my batteries i will need for the equipment.