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Title: ISP and webhosting
Post by: Bill W on April 30, 2012, 06:05:34 PM
Whlist I've had an electronic weather station since 1999 (an OS WMR918) I am new to the internet weather scene having only been uploading data to WOW intermittently using a Maplin Gadet weather station recently.
I'm looking for some advice on where to get some webspace (and a domain name), anyone got recommendations about providers?
Thanks for your help,

Title: Re: ISP and webhosting
Post by: Budgie on May 02, 2012, 12:36:15 AM
Hi Bill and welcome to the network.

For SCWN and my own websites I use a host called Virtual Names ( and have been with them since 2000.
I have both the URL registration and the website hosting with them and they have been reliable. For a URL and a years basic hosting you're looking at around 25 + VAT.
You will need to know HTML coding though as there is no website builder involved on this one.

Other weather website users have used GoDaddy for the URL and hosting with eRice, slightly cheaper than the above and still a basic control panel.

I know others on here use different hosts so hopefully they'll be along shortly.  ;)


Title: Re: ISP and webhosting
Post by: Bill W on May 02, 2012, 08:09:05 AM
Thanks Martin. I need to get something sorted this year as I'm planning on upgrading things all round.
I was pointed in your direction by one of the users on the forum which I generally inhabit 24/7, as the yanks say, over the summer. (If you don't object to a wee advert I'd like to invite anyone who doesn't know about NLC to have a look at  and/or  I'm one of the mods on there, been doing NLC observing for many years now)
My old oregan served me well but the annemometer bearing, the plastic holder really, simply wore into an eccentric. I should have videoed it before I took it down it was quite funny seeing it stagger round, fast then slow then fast....
My latest forays into wireless have been frustrating to say the least. If I can get over 10 years out of cheap cabled kit and not even 10 days without having to re-set something I think I'm going back to cabled. It's a bit of a nusiance as I actually think it's external interference not the kit itself, even though it's only a cheap Maplin job.
I've had a few other suggestions but I like to get some personal feedback which always helps.
Thanks again,

Title: Re: ISP and webhosting
Post by: Budgie on May 02, 2012, 10:45:28 AM
I started with a LaCrosse WS2300, replaced the anemometer 3 times as the salt up here just rusted the insides.
I then tried a 1-Wire anemometer and a few sensors and they worked fine but the anemometer got zapped by lightning on morning and that was the endo of that.
So I saved up and went the whole hog & bought a Davis Vantage Pro2, to which I've added solar & UV sensors, daytime solar powered fan for the temp/hum sensors, soil & leaf wetness sensors and an extra temp station that does the grass temp for me.
My only problems have been with the temp/hum sensors, they are on one PCB and have broken a couple of times. Each time Davis have replaced then free of charge and I now have the latest version which has been mounted differently to stop any more failures.
You can see the details of my station here:

If you look in the Gallery ( on my site there's some NCL's in there under "Unusual Cloud Formations" as well.  ;)

Title: Re: ISP and webhosting
Post by: Bill W on May 02, 2012, 01:46:53 PM

I've been doing some reading on 1 wire stuff. In fact I have just received the book written by the designer of the one wire kit.
Did you have the solar and UV 1 wire sensors?, that's the two in particular that interest me. I'd be interested to hear of your experiences. I've got all of the original Java based code, did you use this or another package?
Coincidently where I am in the book at the moment cautions about ESD and external damage caused by surges/spikes (I think a lightning strike would be pretty terminal under any circumstances though!)

Do you have any rules regarding the posting of weather images here? or do you prefer to keep postings text only?


Title: Re: ISP and webhosting
Post by: Budgie on May 02, 2012, 01:58:29 PM
I had the solar sensor but the UV didn't exist back then.  ;)
The solar worked OK but mounting it was the main issue as it needs to see the sky but also needs waterproofing. The best I could do was a tuppaware container but that blocked some of the readings. A google search may come up with other methods.

For software I use Weather Display and this allows you to integrate 1-Wire sensors with your main station in one piece of software, it will also upload all the data to a website as graphs, images or plain text.

We don't have any rules about what to post, just as long as it's decent.  ;D

Title: Re: ISP and webhosting
Post by: Bill W on May 02, 2012, 03:27:57 PM
I've got a licesnsed version of Weather Display but haven't opened it up yet. That's good, I got it a while back before the usual problems of life got in the way. Hopefully get into it this summer.

Ok on the pictures, being a professional anorak and fully qualified weather geek any pictures will probably be boringly decent!