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Title: UK Weather Net
Post by: Budgie on October 11, 2012, 09:42:34 AM
As of today there is a new network on the global list, called the UK Weather Net (

I was asked to run the UK net as the old one was not being maintained and was not feeding to the global networks. So myself & Ken True put together the UK Weather Net and it went "Live" this morning.

It contains station that were on the old UKWN but has had the dead links taken out.

If you want your station added to the map then just PM or email me with you station name and I'll use the details from SCWN to add you to the map.
If your station is listed on there and you want it removed then just PM me with the station name and I'll take it off. Hopefully there won't be anyone.  ;)

It's basically the same as SCWN as that makes it nice and easy to set up and maintain.
Oh, and don't worry, the Scottish Weather Network isn't going anywhere, they will both be run as separate networks.  ;)