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Title: Hi From the West Coast
Post by: MM0ZIF on December 20, 2014, 08:42:22 AM
Hello everyone, I am Marcus, I live in Three Towns, and have been involved with the weather for many years. In fact my Uncle used to run a weather station for Stewarts and Lloyds in Corby (Steelworks Town, where I was brought up)

My fascination of all things weather and geography based was damped down at school, after geography got rid of earth sciences for geopolitics, But once I found my hobby which is Amateur Radio, everything fell back into place. I now enjoy doing talks on Skywarn, propagation studies and more and am running a station from my own site (That is also reporting to this site) please feel free to look at &

Other than that I am a first aider and teach amateur radio and am a dedicated parent too..

Marcus Hazel-McGown