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Title: Update on Barra station
Post by: weathermaster on July 04, 2015, 03:58:42 PM
Hello you may remember me I used to run Barra Weather a few years ago until I stopped it in 2013 as I moved away to the mainland to attend college just 1 more year to go until I'm finished  :)

Anyway I've found a way to run the website again while I'm away its just a free website to save costs at the moment and doesn't have any fancy WXSIM or Weather Display Live on it but its still going in some form. The forecasts update daily and the live weather is displayed using Wunderground. I use the data from the local station and import it into Weather Display so its very accurate I've found it to be since the station is on top of a hill for recording wind speeds.

Heres the link to the website

Also I asked a few years ago there appears to be a station on ST Kilda reporting at least a few times a day I read into it and its placed on one of the hills with a elevation of over 1000ft this station will be interesting to watch when its stormy

Title: Re: Update on Barra station
Post by: Budgie on July 05, 2015, 12:09:09 PM
Good to see you're still around.
We can't display the data from your Barra site but good to know it's still there.

I'll be moving later this year from Point to Fort William and all my weather stuff will be going with me so we'll loose my station up here but gain one somewhere in the Fort William area. Not sure exactly where yet as we have to find a house but it'll be Foirt William, Corpach, Spean Bridge, Roy Bridge or Glenfinnan.

All the best with your last year of collage.  ;D