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Title: Weather Newbie - Abernethy
Post by: ziplockk on July 26, 2015, 11:42:09 PM
Hi Folks,

After many years of thinking about it and being interested in it I thought it was time to get involved.

I have a Davis Vantage Pro II without console or envoy, but with a couple of wireless receivers . . . one from smartbedded (which will be sold at some point) and one DIY solution which cost about a tenner with some software I assembled from t'internet - they are equivalent at present.

I'm also writing an HTML5 based live weather viewing page which _could_ be integrated into many things . . . depending on my time . . . I don't want to pay for WD live and be endlessly tired of the format ;-)

To earn a living I design and develop high safety criticality systems for medical and classified purposes, for fun I hillclimb a single seat racing car and go mountainbiking (and try not to collect too many titanium bio-repairs - sadly some are inevitable and some have been collected) . . .

I have a lot to learn about weather but am an endless software and hardware hacker, weather stations being the latest focus . . . is where I will record things - this will evolve as time advances and my time allows . . . it's very, very basic at present . . .


Title: Re: Weather Newbie - Abernethy
Post by: skyewright on July 27, 2015, 09:22:37 AM
Welcome aboard.
Nice to see another Meteohub user around. As you're a developer you'll probably appreciate the flexibility that the option of being able to write your own plug-in interfaces offers (e.g. when a neighbour was considering a wind turbine we put an old OS anemometer on a pole up at the proposed site, just in range of my RfxCom Rx, & I was able to set up a plug-in to guesstimate the generation potential based on the power curve for the turbine he was looking at plus the wind data!).  ;D

Title: Re: Weather Newbie - Abernethy
Post by: ziplockk on July 30, 2015, 12:37:00 AM
Simple HTML5 live weather page :

You need to press the run button to initiate the link - allows me to test things . . .

Every update the Davis sends over its wireless link is sent to the connected browser app in real time . . . perhaps overkill, especially when the weather is stable ;-)

Early days yet . . .