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: What Happend
: weathermaster June 01, 2008, 01:33:16 AM
My Brother and me were in the livingroom we into the kitchen got Irn Bru then he went up the stairs to turn off his computer while he was doing this I turned off the other computer than does the weather station data and all that. When the computer turned off he came running down the stairs and said come up the stairs something's happend I went up the stairs and he told me when he came into the room and turned on the light and he moved the computer mouse because the screen was on standby it came up with the the screen and he went over to check his calender and he turned round and saw the main swith on the wall flick up and it turned off the computer then he ran down and told me and when he came back up with me the bedroom light had been switched off. So my question is what happend? Oh while reading this over the lights started flickering.  :-\

: Re: What Happend
: Budgie June 01, 2008, 10:05:51 AM
The lights are always flickering here Sean, but the switches don't turn themselves off or control the PC.
Very strange.  :-\

Poltergiste?  :o

: Re: What Happend
: weathermaster June 01, 2008, 10:33:58 AM
Lived in the house for a few years now and nothing like this has ever happend and the house is only 20 years old.

: Re: What Happend
: skyewright June 01, 2008, 10:34:25 AM
The lights are always flickering here Sean, but the switches don't turn themselves off
Except for RCD trip switches, but that doesn't seem likely...

We are 15 mile along a 'spur', so lights flicker badly here too. Whenever the storage heaters cut in (which of course is not just in this house, but in every house on the spur that has electric heating) there is a visible dip for a few seconds as the system adjusts to cope. I'd be reluctant to run a computer without it being connected through a UPS for line filtering as much as for power cuts...

: Re: What Happend
: SunnySymington June 01, 2008, 10:40:32 AM
I've seen a well balanced light switch flick to one side before.  Pressing the toggle switch at just the right angle, with just the right pressure can result it it being balanced "halfway", especially if it was pressed at speed as he passed it.  A slight vibration (your brother getting up to look at the calendar?) could have caused it to flick to one of the two states.

At the same time, this balanced state may have left the contacts not fully made, hence the flickering lights.  I don't recommend trying to re-create it, but it's fairly easy if you try.

Depending on the vintage of your power circuits, flickering lights could easily have spiked the mains ring main circuits, causing the PC to shut down.

Pop a UPS on the weather PC and you should be fine.  It also protects against the effects of Vodka and Irn Bru ;)

: Re: What Happend
: weathermaster June 01, 2008, 10:54:34 AM
Thanks for your information but the lights starting flickering an hour later when I started to write out what just happend.

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